About Us

Jiangxi Shinco Environmental ProtectionCo., Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is a key enterprise of national high-techenvironmental protection industry which integrates R&D, design,manufacturing, sales and engineering construction.

The company is located in Pingxiang economicand technological development zone in China. Since its establishment, it hasbeen devoted to the research and development and application of honeycombceramics and catalysts for environmental protection and energy saving. We haveestablished long-term strategic partnership with China General Academy ofBuilding Materials Science, Hunan University, Pingxiang University and otherresearch institutes. Over the years of cooperation in R&D, our company hasa number of technical experts in the field of environmental governance. Andalso we have many provincial (ministerial) research platforms, such as JiangxiResearch Center of Catalyst and Carrier Engineering Technology, China NationalAcademy of Building Materials Science Research Center of EnvironmentalProtection Ceramics and Equipment Engineering Technology. Our companyundertakes nearly ten research projects, such as the national key R&D planand major scientific and technological projects in Jiangxi Province. The coreproducts of SCR denitration catalyst at low and ultra-high temperatures developedby our company all have independent intellectual property rights.